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About Us

Why do we cosplay? It was the question that our founder would never thought a couple of years before. He didn’t found the company then. Actually he was a shy and weak person at that time, with no purpose of life. Until one day, he had to do a cosplay of Spider-Man, it changes his life.


He put himself in the bodysuit, covers his face with the mask, then becomes a different person. He stood in front of the mirror, a real Spider-Man shows up. His friends and coworkers are all shocked about it, people take many photos with him and the children become inspired and cheered.


In that moment, he decided to be brave and strong. On the other hand, cosplay became his habit. Because of his passion, he makes every costume and prop so well, and so similar with the original characters. At the beginning, he just made his own costumes, went some conventions and had some fun, then people started to ask him to make costumes and pay for it.


When it comes to 2016, Blizzard released Overwatch, Tom became a huge fan of it. The game claims that the world needs more heroes. So he decided to make it come true.


Tom found Costheme in the end of 2016. Some friends he knew from Cosplay joined the company. Some of them are good at designing, some of are good at marketing and some of them are good at associating with the suppliers.


They started to make products for Overwatch. In the beginning, it was hard, the designing group could only get the image material from the game and try to turn 2D to 3D, most of the supplies required volume orders and wouldn’t help. Tom just being busy solving problems.


Finally, the first version went out good and earlier than imagined. Tom’s plan accomplished.


One year later, he got the authorization from the Blizzard.


That’s the story of Costheme. No matter who you are, cosplay will brings you something new and gives you purpose. The world needs more heroes.


As for Tom’s products, they were all modified for many versions, improved a lot, and approved by the Blizzard.